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Hello, my name is Chris Cox and I am The Bonsai Guy. I have always had an appreciation for horticulture. I began to focus that energy into Bonsai around 2015, after returning from Afghanistan. At that time, I was very lucky to have been introduced to Nola Ford, who had worked with the art of Bonsai for over forty years. She inspired me and I immediately wanted to learn everything I could about Bonsai.



Customer Reviews

“He knows what he is doing! He doesn't bring in typical evergreens with rocks glued on top of them like the crap at the big box stores or the once or twice a year guy on the street corner.  He knows his plants and styles them himself.”   January 20, 2020

Linda Siler, former manager of O’Quinn’s Water Garden and current associate at Wickman’s Gardens. 


“I met Chris last year at the Mt. Vernon, MO Apple Butter Makin’ Days Festival.  I’ve had an interest in Bonsai for a long time. Over the years I bought one or two trees from the vans on the side of the road ... and all have died."

April 26, 2020

Jon Harden, satisfied customer

“I highly recommend The Bonsai Guy! His trees are all beautiful and very healthy, with a really great selection to choose from - large and small! He is very knowledgeable and passionate about plants and their care. I assure you, you will NOT be disappointed when you visit his greenhouse!”

 December 16, 2019

Kelsey Glasstetter, satisfied customer 


“The Bonsai Guy is fantastic.  I bought a olive tree bonsai for my mom for her birthday this summer, which she absolutely loved. And I just recently ordered a beautiful ginseng ficus bonsai to be delivered to my brother in the hospital. The Bonsai Guy has an amazing selection. The bonsai trees are wonderfully shaped and healthy, the pots are beautiful and high-quality, and the service has been first-rate! Thanks, Bonsai Guy.”

October 24, 2019 

Crystal Carsey Coe, satisfied customer

“This guy has a passion for this! So much variety of beautiful and interesting house plants. I just got a pepper tree with brilliant purple and red peppers and a money tree. Highly recommend Chris!”

August 6, 2019

Jason Fetty, satisfied customer

Lucerne Schefflera red rect 1.jpg

“Very knowledgeable and held a great class today. Took measures to ensure cleanliness through all this. Really couldn’t recommend this place enough for classes, soil needs, pots, etc.”

April 26, 2020

Matt Musgrave, satisfied customer

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