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Hello, my name is Chris Cox and I am The Bonsai Guy. I have always had an appreciation for horticulture. I began to focus that energy into Bonsai around 2015, after returning from Afghanistan. At that time, I was very lucky to have been introduced to Nola Ford, who had worked with the art of Bonsai for over forty years. She inspired me and I immediately wanted to learn everything I could about Bonsai. I honed my style of Bonsai art through reading books, watching videos, researching online, and working with other artists. I adopt my mindset from an old Japanese philosophical saying, "Bonsai no Kokoro", which means Bonsai created in your heart and from a veneration of nature has no ego. Bonsai teaches me patience.

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I absolutely love sharing my passion with others and hope to inspire others to start their own journey with the art. I spent much of 2019 doing vendor shows all around the Springfield, Missouri area and decided to open a Bonsai shop in downtown Springfield in 2020. My Veteran owned Bonsai Garden & Nursery shop is located at 600 W. Walnut St., Springfield, MO.  I have so many ideas and dreams for this little shop. I offer group and one-on-one classes. We generally start with Japanese garden junipers, as they are the quintessential bonsai tree.  I am also creating this website to expand my reach. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I am always happy to help. Thank you, Chris.

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